Should you use single or double opt-in for your email lists?


I just answered a forum post about how to change the default of double opt-in to single opt-in on Get Response.

Even though I use its rival, Aweber.

The question was about using single opt-in for email lists rather than double opt-in and asked whether it was possible.

A quick search later and the answer was “yes”.

If you spend any time on forums or Facebook or Quora or any other question & answer style site, you’ll probably come across questions like that which could be answered by a quick Google search.

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The Pleasant Side Effect of Being Consistent with your Internet Marketing


Over roughly the last two weeks I’ve been practising what I teach and being more consistent.

I’ve sent a reasonably long email to you (anything from 500 words to nearer 1,000) and I’ve turned it into a blog post.

Most of the time I’ve also turned it into slides and a video.

All that takes less than an hour a day, so it doesn’t fall into the super-human category.

But even in this short time, there’s been an interesting side effect:

Google is sending slightly more traffic to my website.

Nothing earth shattering – internet marketing is probably too niche for that to happen, especially since I’m aiming at long tail keywords rather than mass market ones – but noticeable.

Prior to doing this, any traffic at all from Google was a rare event (Bing is still “once in a blue moon” but that’s because Bing’s update process reflects Microsoft’s lack of enthusiasm for their own search engine) but now there’s a trickle.

Google are tight lipped about the search terms that are being used.

Maybe I could log in to webmaster tools and get a bit of information but that’s not something that worries me enough to investigate.

That comes back to priorities – the time spent looking at stats could be better spent creating more content so that’s what I choose to do.

If you’re not already creating regular new content for your website (even if it’s not new content daily) and keeping in touch with your list on a regular basis, I think it’s worth you making a commitment to do that.

Try it for the next 30 days.

If you’re keen, spend a bit of time making a full plan for your internet marketing.

But quite honestly the plan could be as simple as “I’m going to spend an hour a day creating new content for my website” and then keeping to that schedule.

  • Set a timer on your phone if you want
  • Do some quick keyword research using a tool like this, copy your chosen phrase into Google and use one of the results as the inspiration for your title.
  • If the titles don’t grab you, do a list instead
  • Log into WordPress for your site, put in the title and start typing. Go into brain dump mode – type without editing or second guessing yourself
  • Save the draft and – if this is one of your earlier attempts at this method – read through your post and amend it if necessary. Don’t spend forever doing this. Just enough time to spot any glaring errors.
  • Hit the publish button
  • Tweet and do any other social media bragging
  • Email your list to let them know you’ve created new content
  • If there’s enough time today, copy and paste the new content into PowerPoint or similar and publish it on a document sharing site
  • Record the slides in a voice-over video presentation and publish it on YouTube

That looks like a lot but only because I’ve broken it down into relatively small steps.

The first few times you do this, chances are you won’t get everything done in an hour (I don’t always manage either if that’s any consolation) but even if it only means you create a new piece of content and do all the associated other stuff every other day, that’s probably still better than you’re currently doing.

Internet marketing is a business just like any other – despite the sales letters, you can’t just do it once and then trek off to the beach to watch the money rolling in.

You wouldn’t set up a real world, bricks and mortar, business and then leave it unattended and the same goes for your internet marketing.

Do this consistently and in a few months you’ll have a website to be proud of. lots of content, a reasonable number of visitors, an associated YouTube and SlideShare channel, some followers on Twitter and elsewhere.

You’ll probably be making the occasional sale as well.

All with a do-able time commitment and the decision that “it’s going to happen this time”.


Can You Cure Your Internet Marketing Perfectionism?


Perfectionism is something that’s almost certainly holding you back.

There’s a quote in the bible (Ecclesiastes 11:4 if you’d like to check) that says:

“If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.”

That’s still true, over 2,000 years later.

Things are never perfect – in my view, that’s one of the plus points of today’s throwaway society. Sure there are negatives as well but that doesn’t matter.

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How Do You Know When You’re Ready?


Knowing when you’re ready in your internet marketing is a perennial problem.

After all, with what’s essentially a moving target, how do you know when you’re ready?

The quick answer is that you don’t know until you actually launch or maybe even later than that.

To a fair extent, “ready” on the internet means “ready enough not to get too many people complaining”

That means relevant web pages should exist, downloadable files should be available for download, videos & audios should play, that kind of thing.

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Blinkers Can Help Your Internet Marketing


Blinkers are often used in horse racing to keep the horses focused and on track.

And metaphorically wearing blinkers can help enormously with your internet marketing.

For a horse, the blinkers stop the view behind and often to the side so that they can concentrate better on what’s ahead of them. Which hopefully includes the fast approaching finish line.

For an internet marketer, it can mean ignoring the million and one distractions that happen, day in, day out.

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Do You Treat Cheap Internet Marketing Products as Being Almost Valueless?


A Facebook group I’m in suggested that in the early days of internet marketing – when a cheap product was $97 and upsells were often in the thousands – the success rate was higher.

Which got me thinking…

A typical entry level product nowadays is under $10. Sometimes as low as $5 or even $1. And sometimes entirely free.

The information isn’t much different from the $97 products that were around when I first started the web. They gradually dropped in price so the normal amount was the $67 or $47 or $27 that we still see in places like Clickbank.

In fact, nowadays the information is probably higher quality.

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It’s About Time you did Something in Your Internet Marketing


There’s a section in one of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy books where a two hour flight has been delayed because they’re waiting for the delivery of “small, lemon-soaked paper napkins for your comfort, refreshment, and hygiene”.

The people on the flight have been put into suspended animation for 900 years as the delivery still hasn’t arrived.

Whilst that’s plainly absurd (and memorable – it’s been several decades since I read the book but I still remember the passage) it’s a lot closer to how some people operate their internet marketing business than they’d care to admit.

Any excuse will do rather than get something happening.

If that’s you, it’s time to snap out of that mode!

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How to Make your Content Work Harder


Creating content takes time – whether it’s for an email newsletter, a website, a forum or Facebook post or anywhere else.

There’s no magic wand that you can wave to instantly create content.

Well, OK, there are plugins out there that will claim they can automatically add content to your website but the reality of those is that they’ll probably produce things that are only ever likely to be “read” by robots and the search engine spam algorithm. So whilst we could split hairs and say that it’s do-able, it’s not do-able in any real world sense. And if you get a sales letter that claims otherwise (the more recent ones I’ve seen try to claim that you can re-use YouTube videos instantly) it’s best to run a mile from the sales letter and the person who sent you the link.

Real content takes time.

For instance, this message will take me about 20 to 30 minutes to write, proof read and then mail out.

Most internet marketers leave it at that – an email to their list gets filed in the “that’s an email” box in their mind.

But recently I’ve re-remembered that isn’t a particularly efficient way of doing things: the email gets sent out into the ether, is maybe (or maybe not) part of a follow up campaign, and that’s it.

Except it doesn’t have to be that way.

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How consistent are you in your internet marketing?


Being consistent in your internet marketing (and elsewhere in your life) is something that’s well worth aiming for.

There are degrees of consistency – it doesn’t mean going into robot mode and sending out an email of precisely the same length at precisely the same time every day.

If your pattern of emails is mostly every few days and flurries of daily emails (Paul Myers does that) that works.

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