Building An Affiliate SEO Business Review


Building An Affiliate SEO Business is a top of the range product created by UK based Charles Floate. I bought it on the pre-release and have been using it and going through it since then.

It was pre-launched in February and I was one of 125 people to buy the pre-launch version at $349 (not a typo). To put that in perspective, the pre-launch made more revenue than almost any of the WSOs ever released on Warrior Plus.

Charles has a long history for someone his age – he’s 19 years old but has been involved in various areas of internet marketing since he was a much younger teenager. Some of his career has been legitimate, other parts of his career have been less so, including carrying out cyber-attacks on the Home Office and FBI websites.

Given his chequered past, you could be forgiven for ignoring him completely.

But it does mean he’s learned a lot since starting his computer career in 2009.

Prior to this course, he’s released a few eBooks – they’re included in the price of the course (they’d cost you $118 if you bought them separately):

  • The Best WordPress SEO Strategy
  • Parasite SEO For 2016
  • The Art of Marketing Warfare (available for free and an interesting “alternative” read

The main course is primarily video based and although it’s not billed as no fluff, that’s certainly the case and you’ll probably need to hit the pause button on more than one occasion as you go through the course.

There’s a good chance you’ll need to watch at least some of the videos more than once – I’ve done that, even though I’ve taken notes on them.

The aim of the course is to teach how to create affiliate sites and earn a very nice sum of money from them. One of the case studies shows an Amazon affiliate site that’s been earning upwards of $2,000/month since early 2015.

Charles typically uses Amazon as does Todd (another contributor to the course – there are 4 contributors in total) although personally I’m planning on using the techniques to promote the various internet marketing and self help markets I’m in.

There are several different techniques he’s teaching for building sites – that fits with my “no one size fits all” outlook and is refreshing.

There are also some ongoing case studies so you can see the kind of sites he’s building unfold in real life. That’s useful as you can check whether what you’re doing is reasonably right.

There’s also a video covering “churn and burn” sites – using heavily black hat methods to create short lived but profitable sites. Not my personal cup of tea (been there, done that, liked the income while it happened, didn’t like the lack of income when it inevitably stopped) but it’s in the course for people who need a quick boost to their income in order to be able to properly do the other techniques in the course.

Charles lists out the various WordPress themes and plugins and other tools that he uses plus the suppliers he uses when he outsources things.

Link building is split into three main strategies:

  • Pure white hat – as close as any link building strategy gets to keeping inside Google’s ideals but the techniques are likely to take upwards of a year to kick in. Which is very real life.
  • Grey hat – some sneaky tactics to get traffic soon-ish (probably still 3 months down the line) and then morphing into the whiter hat strategies that will keep the site in the search results for the longer term
  • Churn-and-burn. Basically reasonably fast cash that is closer to a sugar rush than a sustained income.

Then there’s a section covering maintaining and growing the site. This is detailed and fluff-free. Chances are you’ll be using an outsourced VA (virtual assistant) at this stage but your income should be sufficient by then to allow that.

The main aim of the course is to “flip” the site but it’s not like the cheap WSOs you’ve read where a site is sold on a future promise. This course aims to teach you how to build up sites with excellent income and sell them for five figures and upwards.

The price of the course is a lot more than the regular WSO offerings.

But that’s because it really is start-to-finish. Plus it’s ongoing – the case studies are still being added and updated, the course material will be updated as it (inevitably) gets out of date.

There’s also an active Facebook support group where you can ask questions.

I had to think long and hard before I bought in at the pre-launch price but decided it was worth it.

My logic was along the lines of:

  • Cheap offers tend to focus on just one item
  • Individual offers can muddy the waters as different people have different aims and outlooks, causing the usual “deer in headlights” reaction
  • Most of us – myself included – tend to value things by the amount we’ve paid for them. Which is why free offers are so difficult to sell and why the standard $7 offers rarely seem to produce real results even if the sales letter was being honest about what’s achievable. Yes, the results may be good but we didn’t pay much for the information so tend to ignore or undervalue it
  • With regular purchases and upsells on those purchases, you could easily spend the kind of money this course is priced at, just not all in one lump sum so it’s easy for the small amounts to add up. If you don’t believe me, go back through your PayPal purchases over the last few months and add them up. Unless you’re really offer-resistant, be prepared to be shocked.


I’m in it already.

And if you’re serious about earning some decent cash from your internet marketing, I think you should strongly consider this program.

You can go to the sales page here.

Watch the 4 minute video at the top of the page – you’ll get an idea of the style that Charles uses.

Then decide whether or not this is for you.

No pressure – it’s only worth the money if you’re prepared to put the time and effort in.

Charles also suggests that you should have at least $200/month to invest in link building, etc – the aim is to get at least a 5 times return on that investment.

If you do decide to buy then you’ll have an excellent product with ongoing support via the Facebook page (plus you can always drop me a message if you want to).

And if you do decide to purchase, drop me an email with a copy of your receipt and as a “thank you” bonus I’ll send you login details to a page where you can get access to all my current products plus any future ones I release and my weekly internet marketing tutorial group.