Making Your Time Effective in Your Internet Marketing


I think it’s worth taking a look at what you’ve accomplished this week – in internet marketing and (if you think it’s appropriate) elsewhere in your life.

It’s probably worth doing this kind of exercise every week because it’s easy to drift if you decide to leave a longer gap and it’s more difficult to adjust if you’ve been going in the wrong direction (or simply doing nothing useful) for a longer period of time.

Sure, there will be weeks when life takes over.

That happens.

At the time of writing, we’re at a time of year when life definitely gets in the way of things. But even if you’re reading this at a different time of year than the start of November, there will be excuses and reasons that you’re telling yourself as to why you can’t make the time.

  • Halloween has just happened, so if you’ve got children (or just wanted to join in the fun) that will have taken a day or two or more out of your schedule even if you only planned for it to take out a few hours
  • Here in the UK, we’ll be setting off fireworks tomorrow night to celebrate Guy Fawkes failed attempt in 1605 to blow up our parliament. Some things don’t change much. I guess we’ve always had a low opinion of the people we elect to govern our country.
  • Near the end of this month, the US will be celebrating Thanksgiving.
  • The day after, Black Friday happens – not just in the US, it’s crept abroad as well. If you’re an internet marketer you could consider a deep discount on one or more of your products to grow your list (hmm, must make a note to do something myself!)
  • After that, Christmas gets in full swing if it hasn’t already. The Christmas displays here in the UK have been up for a while and some of our shops are already playing Christmas songs and staff are wearing Christmas sweaters. Way too early in my opinion (and often the opinion of the staff if you chat with them)

It won’t be long before we wave goodbye to 2016 and at least some of us will set out resolutions for 2017. Those years may be different when you’re reading this but the tradition of making resolutions that you’re definitely going to keep to this year (honest) won’t have changed.

Which means you’ve got a choice ahead.

It’s really the same choice you’ve got every day.

What are you going to do that helps you move forward?

What will your list of things you’ve accomplished in the week look like?

Will it be ful of things you’ve done?

Or will it be blank?

I know it’s not necessarily easy to do things on your internet marketing when everyone else is enjoying themselves so it can be a case of adjusting your schedule slightly.

Perosnally, that means writing my emails early in the day (it’s just past 7am when I’m writing this) and making full use of otherwise dead time that comes in small chunks.

You can do quite a lot by snatching 5 or 10 minutes here and there as the moments present themselves.

Ultimately, it’s your choice.

Write off the next two months – that could be the only real answer for you but at least it will be a conscious decision if you do that.

Or make the best of your available time – a better choice in my opinion.

That will likely mean applying the 80/20 rule with a vengeance, cutting out anything that doesn’t immediately contribute to your business.

And you could be pleasantly surprised if you do that – I was listening to a Sean Mize call recently and he said that when he was spending a lot of time in hospital before his mother died, he was only spending about 45 minutes a day on his business (versus upwards of 6 hours a day normally) yet his income only dropped by about 10%.

If the same applies to you, you’ll be able to make a positive impact on your internet marketing in an hour a day or even less.

But only if you regularly put in that small amount of time.