How to Create a Squeeze Page Giveaway Product in an Hour

How to Create a Squeeze Page Giveaway Product in an Hour

Giving something away is one of the best ways to build your list.

But it needs to be high value.

And unique.

PDFs take a long time to write and aren’t perceived as high value.

Audios are quick to create and are useful – people can listen to them anywhere – but, again, they’re not generally perceived as high value.

Videos are almost as quick to create as audios.

They’re useful.

And they’re perceived as high value.

Watch over my shoulder as I create a 16 minute squeeze page giveaway video, start to finish, in just an hour.

  • You’ll see the creation of the main video slide. It’s a mindmap (a bit like a flowchart but a lot easier to create) and even though it’s just one slide, it’s colourful and there’s more than enough to talk about for the complete 16 minute video.
  • I’ll talk you through why I’m including the different points.
  • You’ll get a copy of the finished video to watch, use as a model or – if you’re in the personal development market – use as your own.
  • You’ll also get a copy of the mindmap and the PDF created from it so that you can give those away if you want or use them to create your own giveaway product if you want to keep it in your own voice.

You’ll get 3 videos in all.

The first video shows you the process of creating the mind map that will be used as the slide for the giveaway video.

I don’t use mind mapping software as often as I should – I guess I’ve been lazy and stuck in my ways – but as you’ll see they’re easy to create and colourful.

You can also export the finished mind map as a PDF so that’s an extra high value bonus giveaway with no extra effort on your part apart from clicking the “File, Save as” link.

The second video is the giveaway product itself.

This lasts just over 16 minutes and you’ll get to see how I turn the mind map into the finished video.

You’ll also get free private label rights to use this video and the mind map and the PDF as a giveaway yourself.

The third video wraps things up.

It’s edited down – I had to log into various accounts and do a few other things behind the scenes that would be boring to watch – but you’ll see from the clock that it all happened in real time.

The complete process, start to finish, took one hour and two minutes.

You’ll be able to follow along and use this process to create your own top quality giveaway products and the squeeze page that goes with them in an hour or so.

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