Internet Marketing for Busy People

Internet Marketing for Busy People

Do you struggle to find the time in your day to do your internet marketing?

Does it seem as though everything you try – even the “just click a button” stuff – takes way too long and that you run out of hours in the day before you get things finished?

You’re not alone.

Near enough everyone is pressed for time.

That’s why fast food and instant-everything is offered everywhere you look.

But that still doesn’t solve the problem for growing your internet marketing business.

If you truly haven’t got a minute to spare then this won’t be for you. Sorry. Nor would anything else (but then you wouldn’t have time to be reading this sales letter either).

But if you’ve got a few times a day when you can divert what you’re doing and put it into internet marketing then this could be the answer you’re looking for.

You probably already know those times:

  • Pressing “refresh” on Facebook to see what your friends have been doing recently.
  • Checking your emails for exciting news or offers.
  • Watching videos on YouTube with cute creatures or even “how to” do something that you’re never going to do in real life.
  • Checking the news – it will happen whether or not you check it and there’ll always be just enough news to fill whatever space needs to be filled.
  • You’re too tired today but you’ll catch up tomorrow. Honest.
  • Refreshing the stats on your pages just in case you’ve had a new visitor or actually made a sale.
  • Messaging with people – live by the water cooler or almost live via Skype or WhatsApp or wherever else.
  • Whatever other excuse you use that you’re too busy to do anything towards your internet marketing today.

The thing is, we’ve all got the same number of hours a day.

You’ve got the same time available to you each day as the person who served you coffee earlier or the person who owns the franchise for that coffee shop or the owner of the worldwide chain of those coffee shops.

You’ve got the same time available as the person whose affiliate product you just promoted.

We’ve all got 24 hours available to us each and every day.

Some of that time is needed to sleep. some to eat, some to whatever passes for work, some for time with friends and family.

But you can’t stretch the day to get more time. We haven’t discovered how to do that yet.

So any excuse you’ve made about there not being enough hours in the day is just that – an excuse.

Sorry to be blunt but someone has to tell you.

I’m not suggesting that you can suddenly magic-up 5 or 6 spare hours a day.

Or even 1 spare hour.

Because your mind needs time to adjust to the idea that it’s not helping you by focusing on all those distractions.

Instead, I’m going to show you how you can use a few unproductive minutes here and there to get your internet marketing business finally moving in the right direction.

We both know that – unless you’re holding down 3 jobs whilst looking after a family and some elderly relatives – you’ve got a few times a day where you’ve got 5 or 10 minutes that could be used better than you’re currently doing.

And I’m going to show you how to chunk things down in your internet marketing so that you can turn those currently wasted times into productive times.

Because your free time is short, I’ve recorded a quick (16 minute) video that explains everything.

I’ve also added in the three slides that I used as the basis for that video.

So you’ll get access to the information.

Watch the video as often as you need to – so long as you’re not using that as an excuse for not doing real work in your internet marketing.

And refer back to the three slides to remind you to keep at it.

Then apply what I show you!

5 minutes here, 10 minutes there doesn’t sound like much.

But if you could claim back a few of those times a day, you’ve got maybe 30 to 60 minutes you can spend on your internet marketing every day.

They’re just not in that one big block of time all joined together.

But they still count!

And they mount up.

Before you know it, your internet marketing business will actually be growing.

All with the time you’ve reclaimed even though you’re still too busy.

Join me now…

Click the “buy” button, watch the short video, maybe even print out the slides as a reminder of what you need to do.

And watch your bank balance start slowly moving in the right direction.

Because, once that happens, I can almost guarantee you’ll find more time that you can divert to your internet marketing.

But it won’t happen if you don’t click that buy button and watch the video…

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