More of the Same? Or Something Different?


The cusp of the new year is often a time for reflection.

When you get a quiet moment, it’s worth looking at what you’ve done in your business over the last 12 months and take a view on where to go next.

Should you do more of the same?

If it’s showing signs of life, yes.

If you’ve been hitting your head against a virtual brick wall for the last year, probably not.

Should you change direction?


We often need to adjust direction slightly – think about any journey you make, it’s full of micro adjustments according to the available route and any obstacles in the way.

Internet marketing can be very similar.

Sometimes all you need to do is a small tweak and that brings about a big change.

Doing something like actually using the suggestions made by your WordPress SEO plugin could do the trick – it’s often boring basic details that can work well.

Focusing on more YouTube or blog content if one of those is showing signs of life.

But if, despite regular work on your site over recent months, page views to your site are still hovering around zero then it could be time to do something different.

You’ll probably have a good idea whether or not this is the case – I did it on one of my niche sites almost a year ago and it’s not reacted in that time so I’ll (finally) relinquish it.

Doing more of the same on a web site that’s flat-lining isn’t likely to be worth spending your time on.

Let the losing projects go and concentrate on the ones that are showing signs of being winners.