Drilling Down to Find Your Affiliate Marketing Niche


It’s natural to spend time analysing and worrying whether or not you’ve chosen the right affiliate marketing niche, But you need to start somewhere. Otherwise you’ll be in a perpetual state of overwhelm and “haven’t started yet”.

Choosing a niche for your affiliate marketing can be daunting at first.

In one of the forums I’m a member of, someone was asking whether there would be enough content to write about because they were in the internet marketing niche.


Where to start answering that?

The true answer is that internet marketing as a niche is way too big.

You’d never cover it all on your own and would struggle to do so even with a team helping you.

Within internet marketing there are lots of sub-niches – I’ve chosen affiliate marketing as the one I’m homing in on at the moment.

I could equally have chosen books and if I did that I would niche down further into one of the many sub-sections:

  • Fiction – which splits down further by age group and genre
  • Non-fiction – even more genres than fiction
  • Full length books
  • Short books
  • “Empty” or almost empty books
  •  Kindle books or printed or both,

And that’s just scratching the surface.

Equally it could be videos:

  • Short or long
  • Screen capture
  • Web cam capture
  • Phone or video cam capture
  • Webinars
  • Amateur or TV quality
  • Animated totally or just something like Kinetic text at the start or end

Again, that’s just a short list.

Elsewhere in internet marketing the topics include social media, product creation, CPA, SEO, and much more.

Some content will date faster than other content but things will always change – they’ve changed dramatically in the 20 years I’ve been on the web and they won’t stop changing any time soon if at all.

Think back to this time last year and you’ll notice changes that have happened.

Some subtle, others a lot less subtle.

Which means there will always be new knowledge – whether it’s coping with Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Google’s mood swings, whatever.

And people will always get stuck – I was talking to one of my affiliate marketing mastermind members on Skype recently (part of my offering until the membership grows too big to do that) and he was stuck on the same things other people get stuck on. Basically over-analysing and overwhelm. Plus some mindset stuff where he was stuck about how to tackle stuff because his mind had compartmentalised things.

That works most of the time but it can be a handicap at other times.

I’ve certainly found it awkward over the years but have got better at realising that I can do something easily in one situation and yet am scared of it in another, almost identical, situation.

The one that sticks in my mind is public speaking.

I do it every week when I run a Scout Troop. In front of children, often the most critical audience.

It took me years to realise that was public speaking in a different setting.

You need to do the same with wherever you are stalling at the moment – ideally in rather less than the multiple years timescale it took me on that occasion.

Regardless of that, definitely drill down to find your niche

You can use a broader domain name so that you’re not doing the usual internet marketer trick of being a domain name collector/hoarder.

But if you’ve got old domain names so long as they’ve not been penalised by Google they may be worth keeping as there seems to be a time lag between getting a domain and Google being confident enough to feature it in the search results.

Initially on your site keep the focus relatively narrow.

You could promote all those topics in one of the lists above to a list but any given email would fall on deaf ears – if I was a sci-fi writer I really wouldn’t want to read about writing murder mysteries set in old houses (unless there was an alien involved) and I certainly wouldn’t care about formatting a dry text book.

So niche down – that will make writing emails to your list easier and will get you more sales in your chosen niche.

If you’d like more help with your affiliate marketing, join me here.