Making an Impact with your Internet Marketing


Making an impact on your target audience is in some ways easier than it was back when I was young.

The splintering of channels so that (at most) it’s only a handful of your close friends who watch or read the same things as you has seen to that.

Of course, that also means it’s possible to get lost in the “noise” that affects every market – constant, intrusive, adverts are testimony to that as they clamour for your attention.

Personally, I prefer to take the role of the relatively quiet person in the room who isn’t trying to shout and wave and generally draw attention to themself. Whether or not I succeed in that is down to your personal choice, I can only attempt to influence your decision.

Which is where the idea of making an impact comes in.

To put things in a different context, the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs is thought to have been about 6 miles across – almost completely insignificant in terms of the size of our planet (our closest town is 8 miles away and the UK is roughly 600 miles from top to bottom).

Could you make the same impact in your market? (I don’t mean wipe it out!)

  • Maybe a regular video with news or useful information. People like watching videos, they’re a passive form of entertainment and learning new information.
  • Consider a podcast – audios are often more convenient than videos because they only require you to listen, not watch as well.
  • Write regular blog posts – my preferred method of communication but that could just be me being old fashioned.
  • Contribute to Facebook groups, Twitter feeds, Instagram picture shows and maybe even subcultures like Reddit and Kik.

Take a bit of time over the next few days to decide which method you prefer.

Your target market will polarise around that – if they get on with your method, they’ll hopefully keep coming back to the information you provide, if they don’t then you’re not a good fit for them anyway.

And make whatever you do snappy as well as information.

Don’t drag it out for the sake of dragging it out – 2 episode in, I’m about to unsubscribe from a free list about dropshipping because the 12 episodes it promised are waffle so far. The first video was a re-hash of the origianl signup pitch, telling me what was coming. The second video explained what dropshipping is (d’oh! that’s what I signed up to learn about). It’s just too slow in getting to the point. And there are so many products like that – not so bad in a product as I can skip over the info I already know. But in a drip-fed email campaign, the yawns have already got too loud.

Double check you’re not doing the same with your market – maybe even go straight to the main idea with links to supporting information as needed. It’s worked for the movie industry – we don’t have a B-movie alongside the main feature any more.

Then actually do it.