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I recently asked my list what was holding them back in their internet marketing and these are a sample of the replies I got:

If any – or even all – of those apply to you then this could be the turning point in your internet marketing career.

After I got those replies, it got me thinking.

Thinking about what normally happens in internet marketing. It all sounds easy:

And if you stop to think about, those few steps are all that you need.

Sure there are some nice-to-haves that you could add such as an autoresponder and your own products.

But those disarmingly simple steps are all you need to turn a profit and if you’re the trusting type you could even use a free site and therefore free hosting.

But if you’re serious about your internet marketing, you won’t skip any of those steps.

Tutor Group word cloudOf course, it’s not quite that simple. So you try out different things. If you’re like most people, those “things” will include some or all of the following:

You keep thinking you’re missing something.

So you buy another product – the sales letters are always so convincing and this next one is definitely going to be the one that takes you from failure to success.

But of course it doesn’t.

You’re now on the list run by person who you bought the product from – maybe the list was only going to be used for product updates but they forgot they’d said that within a day or two of you joining.

And Warrior Plus or JVZoo have been quietly added to the bunch of emails in your inbox.

But you’re still not making any money!

Even though everyone else on the web is (or claims to be). You’ve got two choices:

It’s that second option that I’m offering here.

You see, chances are that you know near enough everything you need to know.

There are no real secrets in internet marketing – you could sketch out the steps of most things on one side of a sheet of paper and have lots of white space.

The only secret is what you do with those things.

You can squirrel them away, convinced that you’ll come back to them in a few days or weeks but you know that doesn’t work. Or you can take action on the things you’ve bought.

That’s where this WSO comes in.

Years and years ago when I went to university we had the usual lectures (products in the internet marketing world), homework or assignments (putting the products into action).

But we also had a tutor group.

A bunch of us would turn up once a week in the cubby-hole that passed for a lecturer’s study. The lecturer would go over what we’d been taught the previous week, filling in the gaps. They’d also open the room up for questions.

That was the most powerful part of the process.

Suddenly, it became a two way process rather than just learning stuff in a vacuum.

We could ask questions.

Most of the time, most of us didn’t.

But the handful of people who did ask questions seemed to be stuck in the same places we were.

So we listened intently to the answers.

And light bulbs kept going off in our minds.

Suddenly the jigsaw of learning started to assemble itself.

You can do the same in your internet marketing if you want to.

There are offers all over the place for coaching and tuition.

Often on the same smoke and mirrors approach that promises the earth and delivers rather less.

Of course, you could book an hour with a guru for $thousands, if you could get a meeting with them on Skype.

Or you could more likely end up on their coaching program with your own tutor who knows less than you do and decides you’re being too difficult when you ask questions that aren’t in their script.

Or you could attend a “no fluff” webinar which spends the first fifteen minutes talking about the weather, the next thirty minutes describing the process in just enough detail to keep you on the call and the final thirty minutes of the (ever extending) one hour webinar pitching their high end course that will provide the real solution.

Or you could join my tutor group.

The feedback I’ve had is that the current solutions either don’t solve anything apart from filling someone else’s wallet or fall short of what’s needed. So I’ve decided to offer something closer to that university tutor group.

Now if I was a big name guru, I’d be offering that but charging big dollars for it and getting those big dollars.

But that’s not my style. I decided that this needs to be affordable, even if you only get to one or two calls a month rather than turning up every week.

It also needs to ebb and flow with your business needs but be there when you need it. So it can’t be the regular $97 or $297 or whatever price per month.

That’s way too expensive for something you probably won’t use every week.

Instead, this is priced affordably.

So even if you only dip into it once a month, you’ll still have got fantastic value from it.

And if you watch weekly – which you’ll probably do at first when you’re keen and enthusiastic – you’ll get much, much more value than the small monthly cost.

I ran a test call for my list on 21st January and you’ll get immediate access to that and almost 100 other videos.

Then, every Tuesday, you’ll get the login details for the current week’s video.

That will happen each and every week you’re a member.

The recordings are uploaded at aroud 7pm UK time each Tuesday – that’s 2pm New York time except a handful of weeks a year where the UK and US clocks get out of synch.

The price is guaranteed for the next 3 years – so long as you stay a member, you won’t be charged any more than the price you start at.

And on your first payment there’s even a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee in case you don’t like anything.

All that’s left is for you to join!

Because the sooner you join me, the sooner you’ll get your internet marketing career moving forward again.

So click the buy button now!

Internet Marketing University - The Antidote to Over-priced Coaching!
There’s a 7 day trial for just $1 and then a regular monthly price of just $47 $17.95.

You can stay in the tutor group at this low introductory monthly price as long as you keep your monthly payments going. If you leave and then want to rejoin then the price may well be different – the regular price is $47 so you’re getting a big discount for deciding to say “yes” now.