WSO Creating a Product Review Site


How to Create a Product Review Site

Buyers often turn to product reviews just before they purchase.

Which means that if you can be the last site someone clicks on before they buy, you get the commission.

It sounds easy.

And, to an extent, it is.

But, like everything to do with internet marketing, there are lots of steps that you need to get right to make sure that you stand the highest possible chance of success with your brand new product review site.

This brand new PDF guide takes you through the whole process of creating a product review site of your own.

Picking a niche

You need to get this right to maximise your chance of success.

If your chosen niche is too narrow, you’ll run out of products to review before your site is big enough to stand a chance of getting traffic.

If your chosen niche is too broad, you will have more competition in the search results than you could ever hope to compete with.

This section of the report will show you how to pick a good niche for your product review site with a high chance of success.

Choosing a domain name

Domain names aren’t critical to your success.

Google pays a little bit of attention to them, but not lots.

But if you’re like a lot of people you’ll appreciate some help choosing a domain name for your product review site.

This section of the guide will help you choose a domain name without getting bogged down in the decision making process.

Installing WordPress

You probably already know how to do this – there are lots of guides out there.

But this section gives you an overview plus links to various resources if you need more hand holding.

Or if you’re a technophobe you could simply pay someone on Fiverr to install WordPress for you!

Choosing a WordPress theme

This is something lots of people agonise over.

Truth be told, your visitors don’t much care about your site theme unless it gets in the way of them getting information or clicking a link to make a purchase and give you an affiliate commission.

So this section is short and to the point!

Creating content for your review site

There are actually two sections about this.

One is an overview, the other goes into more depth.

Between those two sections you’ll have a complete plan for creating the best possible reviews for your site that will maximise the chance of getting clicks and commissions.

Getting products to review

Whilst you can start by reviewing products you’ve already bought, there comes a time when you need more products to review.

This section of the report shows you how I’ve approached product owners with a high success rate in getting products to review.

It also reveals a site that specialises in matching up reviewers with product owners – the site works best in the USA but some parts of it work internationally and there will almost certainly be similar sites that look after your country.

Promoting your review site

This section of the report gives you 10 different free ways to promote your product review site.

You don’t need to use all the methods but the more you use, the more successful your site is likely to be.

All the methods are free and you could easily outsource most of them if you’ve got the budget.