Quick, Profitable Keyword Research


Quick, Profitable Keyword Research

Let’s face it, keyword research is one of those things we have to do as internet marketers.

But so often it’s either boring or takes forever or you can’t find keywords that you stand a chance of ranking for in this lifetime.

If you’re using Google’s Keyword Planner, the odds are already stacked against you:

  • It’s out of date
  • The figures it shows aren’t reliable
  • It’s clueless about related keywords
  • It’s designed to sell adverts, not to research keywords
  • It’s clunky to use

What if there was a better way?

What if I told you that the most profitable keywords don’t come via the Keyword Planner?

What if I told you that:

  • Get up to date keywords as soon as they become popular (not weeks, months or even years later)
  • You can instantly see the advertiser competition, not some catch-all “low/medium/high” rating that doesn’t bear any resemblance to the real world?
  • Keywords that real people are searching for right this minute but that almost every internet marketer ignores because they’re still using the Keyword Planner

Would you be interested?

There are lots of ways to use these keywords:

  • Use them as inspiration for articles on your own website
  • Turn them into titles for videos on YouTube
  • Create a brand new Kindle book – these keywords will apply in Kindle just as much as they apply in Google
  • Write an email to your list based on the keywords
  • Start a forum thread based around these keywords
  • Lots of other ways – anywhere you can put content, you can use these keywords!

This is a video course…

Because the easiest way to show you how to do quick, profitable, keyword research is with real videos, recorded as I do the research.

There are 4 videos in all:

Video 1 is an overview and includes the reasons why this method works so much better than the Keyword Planner.

Video 2 shows you the exact keywords I found in the highly competitve weight loss niche. Last time I did this, lots of recipe books suddenly appeared on Kindle using some of the keyword phrases I found. But don’t worry about that – in this 10 minute video, I’ll show you over 300 keyword phrases in the weight loss niche and I’m only scratching the surface.

You’ll see how you can get ideas for related keywords that will be equally profitable and that chances are you’d never have come up with on your own.

Video 3 does the same in the highly competitve make money niche. Again, you’ll quickly see how I found well over 200 keywords in around 10 minutes. And, again, you’ll see how this technique brings you floods of related keywords without you having to scratch your head or get your brain to ache!

Video 4 is a “catch all” video. You’ll see me use 4 different seed keywords that generated over 300 keyword phrases, again in around 10 minutes. The potential for these phrases is endless – you’ll see how you can get hundreds or even thousands of keywords using this technique without breaking a sweat.

This is the exact same technique I use in my own business whenever I’m stuck for something to write about.

It’s really, really simple.

But don’t let the simplicity fool you.

It works fantastically well – and will continue to work for as long as people use search engines.

Although I show you how to use it in Google, you can use the exact same techniques in YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay and lots of other sites.

I’ve priced this offer cheap so that almost anyone can afford it.

All you need to do is click the “buy” button and you will be watching these videos and finding profitable keywords almost instantly!


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